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  • proper n. A supposed future Europe taken over by radical Islam.


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Blend of Europe and Arabia


  • The term 'Eurabia' has been used by some to describe the growing influence of Islam in Europe, though Littman contended that her arguments are more complex. rss feed

  • The term Eurabia is one that the right uses to describe the Islamicization of Europe (fear mongering), and that gives Muslims "just cause" for their legitimate concerns, or rants. News

  • One prominent example was the Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci, who spent her last years before her death in 2006 inveighing against a Muslim influx that was turning the continent into what she called "Eurabia."

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  • "Eurabia" is American, uses the figure of a "decadent Europe" blind to the supposed Muslim danger as a proxy for liberal viewpoints back home.

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  • Eurabia is upon us and our freedoms have been eroded by a minority (backed by the government) - and no-one has fought back.

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  • That is, after his fundamentalist co-religionists behead or enslave what is left of the remaining infidels over there to establish the Caliphate in Eurabia - Praise Allah!

    Good riddance to bad Cats

  • "Eurabia" - a phenomenon by which Muslim hordes are now contaminating Europe's very DNA.

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  • This is a prediction by the European far right known as the Eurabia hypothesis.

    Study: Muslims to Make Up Fourth of World's Population by 2030

  • His recent book 'America Alone' is a guidebook to a continent called Eurabia in the year 2020.

    Johann Hari: The Two Faces of Amis: An Exclusive Interview With Martin Amis

  • Great Britain is the last outpost in so-called Eurabia, the stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century – America – If they win their battle here in the UK then they will have conquered all of Eurabia.

    Failed London Car bombings & The Moslem Flag burners


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