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  • adj. Of or pertaining to the Eurasiatic group of languages.
  • proper n. A hypothetical superfamily of languages proposed by Joseph Greenberg that groups together several language families of Europe, Asia, and North America, namely Etruscan, Indo-European, Uralic-Yukaghir, Altaic, Korean-Japanese-Ainu, Nivkh, Chukotian and Eskimo-Aleut.


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  • At one point it looked as if communism (Russian style) might dominate most of the Eurasiatic continent.

    Energy and Society~ Chapter 15~ Ideological Unity and Economic Realism

  • I came across a paragraph from page 8 of Joseph Greenberg's Indo-European and Its Closest Relatives: The Eurasiatic Language Family (2000) (see link) that I found amusing: A new stage is reached in Nostratic theory in the work of Illich-Svitych, who is generally regarded as the founder of Nostratic in its modern version.

    The early Illych-Svitych on Indo-European and early Semitic contacts

  • First Bill Poser whacks Steven Pinker for including an alleged family tree entitled "The Ancestry of Modern English" in his book Words and Rules; in the tree:Indo-European is shown as a daughter of Eurasiatic and a sister of Uralic and Altaic. LOG 3, FOLLY 0.

  • Eurasiatic in turn is shown as a subgroup of Nostratic, with Dravidian and Afro-Asiatic as the other subgroups. LOG 3, FOLLY 0.

  • The most recent ice age reached its zenith some twenty thousand years ago, when ice covered the northern parts of the Eurasiatic continent — extending over the British Isles and into France and Germany, as well as over enormous areas of the North American continent.

    A Phony Ancestor

  • It is with our present knowledge equally impossible to be sure of the exact time relations between any given North American fauna and the Eurasiatic fauna most closely resembling it.

    VIII. Primeval Man; and the Horse, the Lion, and the Elephant


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