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  • n. scepticism of the increasing powers of the European Union


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  • But so saturated is British commentary in jingoistic Euro-scepticism that Europe's travails are portrayed as proof positive that it is European visionary delusions rather than contemporary capitalism that is at fault.

    There is only one alternative to the euro's survival: catastrophe

  • As for Europe, the Tories 'uncompromising Euro-scepticism and their exodus from the Conservative bloc at the Strasburg parliament, where they joined forces with radical Right Poles and Balts, embittered influential conservative groups, notably Germany's CDU and CSU.

    End of Year, 2009

  • The social democrats (SPÖ), under a new leader, Werner Faymann … (were) supported by the main rightwing and fiercely anti-EU tabloid, Kronenzeitung, after he promised to put new EU treaties to a referendum in a country that matches Britain in Euro-scepticism.

    Happy Michaelmas! (And Rosh Hashanah)

  • A vote on Lisbon once it had been ratified would only have had moral force so the Tory policy shift is not a betrayal of Euro-scepticism.

    The Tories' new line on Europe

  • The Conservatives 'equivalent proposals have an echo with the mid 1990s, while their Euro-scepticism takes us further back, and their plans for spending cuts to 1981.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • British Euro-scepticism has only one political meaning: knuckle-headed, foreigner-scorning insularity.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Britain is cautious, not because of any principled objections, but because Mr Brown has belatedly, and very privately, woken up enough to the extent of his errors over the Lisbon Treaty to realise the potency of Euro-scepticism in this country.

    Entente cordiale

  • Blair was a better rhetorician of war than of diplomacy and by the end he was wearing his Euro-scepticism on his sleeve.

    Simon Jenkins: Toasting Tony

  • Will this be the issue that revives Euro-scepticism on the soft-left?

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • In this way it is Euro-scepticism which is the recent phenomenon and indeed exists only in restricted elements of national feeling that is hostile to the idea of Community.

    Learning About The EU


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