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  • n. skepticism of the increasing powers of the European Union


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  • She's expected to win the contest for its leadership in January, and she's a passionate advocate of its core message: strong French nationalism, relentless Euro-skepticism, and a lot of hard-nosed talk about fighting crime and immigration.

    What a Tea Party Looks Like in Europe

  • Euro-skepticism remains a powerful political force.

    Action, Not Words

  • As a Brit, he's used to a tradition of strenuous Euro-skepticism.


  • Two years ago, Euro-skepticism had reached a new peak.

    The European Envy Effect

  • Poland has a history of acting as the bellwether in the region, from being the first country to break from communism to more recently heralding the trend toward greater populism and Euro-skepticism.

    Fly East For The Winter

  • The Netherlands - formerly one of the most ardent supporters of European integration - are suffering from a bout of Euro-skepticism and are going to hold their first referendum.

    ~ Angry Bear

  • Euro-skepticism had been embraced by only a small group of Tories in Parliament until Maastricht, when more of them became angered by regulations passed by the European Commission in Brussels which took precedence over laws passed in Westminster.

    Billionaire with a Cause

  • Euro-skepticism runs from far-right parties that simultaneously detest immigrants, globalism and Brussels to the governing parties of Europe's most successful countries.

    NYT > Home Page

  • "Clegg will be able to temper the anti-EU policies of the Tories and tone down some of their Euro-skepticism," Islam said in a phone interview.


  • The populations in the countries that will have to foot the bill are unprepared for the reality check ahead of them, adding fuel to a years-long growth in Euro-skepticism, which now pervades all political camps.

    The Daily Star > Politics


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