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  • n. One who holds Eurocentric beliefs or opinions.


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  • 20 Yet despite their limited knowledge of Marx's views, the revolutionary generation of Lenin, Luxemburg, Trotsky, Bukharin, Gramsci, and Lukács reasserted Marx's revolutionary stance in combat with the "Eurocentrist" view associated with Karl Kautsky and the pre-war Socialist International that socialist revolution must await capitalism's fullest maturity and collapse.


  • More than anything else, he was a Eurocentrist and that shaped his vision.

    Matthew Yglesias » George Orwell Was a Socialist

  • Oh, and before one of the evangelicals comes and waves his or her Eurocentrist crybaby bum in my face and accuses me of being the next Fred Phelps: agnostic.

    Can you love God and feminism? - Feministing

  • This is the type of feminism expressed in the enlightened and Eurocentrist literature of such philosophers as Susan Okin Moller (1998), where the discussions focus on equal representation of women in public sector and commercial institutions.

    Mizrahi Feminism in Israel.

  • The Zionist ethos was basically Eurocentrist, and it subordinated all the other cultures — Arab, traditional and religious — of both the Mizrahi Jews and the Israeli Arab.

    Mizrahi Feminism in Israel.

  • She may well have been the last unashamed Eurocentrist.

    Notes on Susan

  • Furthermore, while international LGBT organizations are largely European-led and often Eurocentrist in their thinking, they are far from having a unified agenda for the Arab world, as the 2001 Egyptian Queen Boat raid showed.

    Upping the Anti - A Journal of Theory and Action


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