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European Turkey


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  • It is bounded by the Black Sea on the east, by Romania on the north, by Yugoslavia and Macedonia on the west, by Greece on the south, and by European Turkey on the southeast.


  • Modifications and additions consist of including the hygro-thermophilous mixed deciduous broadleaf forests (and portions of swamp forests) in the eastern sections of the ecoregion as well as an area of the montane Black Sea unit in European Turkey.

    Euxine-Colchic deciduous forests

  • "A European Turkey is in everyone's best interests," he says.


  • A European Turkey could have been a model for the rest of the Muslim world, too, playing "constructively the role the Ottoman Empire once played destructively -- a bridge between the East and West," argues Egyptian political thinker Abdel Monem Said Aly.

    Who Lost Turkey?

  • From the first day of our departure from Daraou, my companions had treated me with neglect, and even contempt; they certainly had no idea of my being a Frank, but they took me to be of Turkish origin, either from European Turkey or Asia Minor, an opinion sufficient of itself to excite the ill treatment of Arabs, who all bear the most inveterate hatred to the Osmanlis.

    Travels in Nubia

  • European Turkey, and Anatolia, may be still recognised in the features of their descendants, who are all mixed in one general mass, and live and dress in the same Arab manner.

    Travels in Arabia

  • Syria, Anatolia, and European Turkey, where some of these people are not to be found.

    Travels in Arabia

  • Thrace, now the area of modern Bulgaria and European Turkey: Epilogue Map, AY, and locator.


  • Callously abandoning Turkish interests, Napoleon agreed in the first article that Russia should take possession of European Turkey at will, the only French price for this carte blanche being the cession of the Ionian Isles and the Dalmatian coast.


  • In both Asiatic and European Turkey the annual production is about 43,000,000 pounds.

    Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce


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