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  • v. Alternative spelling of Europeanize.


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  • Mr Sarkozy argues that returning to Nato is the best way to "Europeanise" the northern alliance and allay US misgivings about the creation of a stand-alone European army.

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  • "If it can successfully 'Europeanise', if it can become rich, prosperous and free, it will clearly demonstrate to the Central Asian republics, to Azerbaijan and to Moldova and others, that it's possible to be a former Soviet republic and a modern Western country," Valasek said.


  • For all the talk of how Barack Obama wants to Europeanise the United States — and as Irwin Stelzer argues on page 4 of this special supplement, there is definitely something to this — the White House seems strangely, obtusely ignorant of the fact that many of its ‘new’ ideas have been tried in Europe and have been found wanting.

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  • We need to be deeply suspicious of any moves to Europeanise defence, he said.

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  • Of course my first care was to Europeanise their toilettes.

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  • We know how he sought to Europeanise the semi-Asiatic populations by means of force.

    The Psychology of Revolution

  • Until the eighties, the general tendency of progressive thought was at one with the older Christian tradition which ignored "race," and the aim of the expansive liberalism movement, so far as it had a clear aim, was to Europeanise the world, to extend the franchise to negroes, put Polynesians into trousers, and train the teeming myriads of India to appreciate the exquisite lilt of The Lady of the Lake.

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  • The unfolding paradox is this: that a process that was motivated 20 years ago by a desire to Europeanise Germany looks likely to have precisely the opposite effect.

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  • It would Europeanise, so to speak, the greatest source of German power and thus reassure the country's restive neighbours.

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  • But it could also change the way that Europe looks at itself, shift attention from institution-building to the pressing question of how to Europeanise Russia.

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