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  • n. Somebody who favors the values of Europe.
  • n. An expert in the study of Europe.


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European +‎ -ist


  • That it came from one of the most powerful people in the government and one who considers herself a "Europeanist" certainly gave me pause.


  • Further, on the spectrum of transnationalists, ranging from those who are more modest and Americanist in their objectives and sympathies to those who are more extreme and internationalist or Europeanist, Koh is definitely in the latter category.

    Post-American Presidency

  • Whelan explains: The only available recourse for pesky citizens who still believe in the system of representative government that our Constitution creates will be congressional action to override the new CIL customary international law norms, action that would require a veto-proof majority in both houses of Congress while President Obama or any Europeanist successors of his are in office.

    Post-American Presidency

  • Im really a Europeanist, she had admitted during the campaign.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • We never did keep touch by phone: I found a friendly Europeanist at Berkeley who let me sit in on lectures and chat about books.

    When translating, leave currency in the original units

  • Sarkozy, a committed Europeanist, played a key role two weeks ago in brokering a compromise that averted the collapse of an EU Summit.

    Suzanne Nossel: Bush Boomerang Effect in Europe

  • Burnishing his credentials as a Europeanist, he has won high praise on his side of the Atlantic for vociferously standing up to Washington in the growing feud between Airbus and Boeing.


  • On Friday, Blair fired his respected minister for Europe, Denis MacShane, a fervent Europeanist, and replaced him with Douglas Alexander, who comes from the less Europhilic Brown camp.

    Wounded Winner

  • On the European Union, Blair has long been the more ardent Europeanist, arguing that "our destiny is with Europe."


  • The subjunctive in Proto-Indo-European PIE, which denotes hypothetical actions and states, is assumed by quite a many Indo-Europeanist to be marked with primary endings.

    The headache of the Indo-European subjunctive


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