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  • n. Plural form of Euroskeptic.


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  • In Britain, so-called Euroskeptics focused on the ever-increasing power of the European Union.

    Zero-Sum Future

  • Throughout the day, Mr. Cameron's aides telephoned Conservative members who oppose membership in the union, the so-called Euroskeptics, warning that the party would look unkindly on any signs of disloyalty.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Euroskeptics hope that, should negotiations be reopened, Britain could use its assent to euro-zone consolidation as a bargaining chip to claw power back from Brussels on areas such as financial and business regulation.

    Cameron Faces Dissent Over Britain's EU Role

  • Euroskeptics argue that successive U.K. governments have ceded sovereignty to Brussels in areas such as law and regulation, without giving the public a say, since the 1975 membership referendum.

    Cameron Faces Dissent Over Britain's EU Role

  • Euroskeptics, such as the U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox, are pleased that this is an agreement made direct between the two countries.

    Entente Frugal: There Has to Be More to Defense Policy Than Saving Money

  • Euroskeptics and some EU governments say the reforms show Brussels still doesn't get it.

    EU Hopes to Shed Image of Coddling Staff

  • David Cameron—now beginning his fourth term as British prime minister—thanks his lucky stars that, reluctantly yielding to pressure from the Euroskeptics in his own party, he decided to risk a referendum on EU membership.

    2021: The New Europe

  • The political issues are long familiar to Euroskeptics.

    Neville Chamberlain Lives—In Euroland

  • Any talk of British-French naval collaboration will revive talk of a pan-European defense force, something Euroskeptics such as Fox view with grave suspicion.

    D'ya Need The Aircraft Carrier Today, Honey?

  • The interesting thing about the year that is now coming to a close is that the turmoil in the currency markets proved the Euroskeptics right — monetary union without fiscal union is not tenable in the long run — and was nevertheless a victory for those who have always seen the creation of the euro as merely an essential first step on the road to political union.

    Euroland Moves From Tragedy to Farce


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