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  • n. Entertainment perceived to be of low quality or permissive culture deemed to have come from continental Europe.
  • n. A controversial style of modern opera focusing on sexuality and the sociopolitical. See Eurotrash (opera).
  • n. A person or persons exhibiting a liking for such entertainment and culture.


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Euro- +‎ trash


  • David Zuzelo who runs the terrific blog Tomb it May Concern started what he refers to as The Eurotrash Pinnacle Project.

    The Eurotrash Pinnacle Project

  • However cute the outfit I choose before I go on the fantastically stylish front lines of what some people would unkindly term Eurotrash - I always end up feeling like Sarah Jessica Parker in

    Dana Kennedy: Sleepless In St. Tropez

  • I wouldn't call Malena or Caroline Af Ugglas 'Eurotrash' - (they were the one's i supported).


  • I'm sure you all do ... the left wing jumped for joy as did our so called Eurotrash allies who torqued us every step of the way securing freedom for 50 million Muslims who still hate our guts and always will by the way.

    Chicagoray's Views and News

  • Filmed in 1996, when Bruni was 28, for a program called "Eurotrash," Bruni shows off a new set of sex guidebooks to Antoine de Caunes and Jean-Paul Gaultier.

    Carla Bruni 'Eurotrash' 1996: Supermodel Teaches Crude Sexual Phrases (VIDEO)

  • Hahahahaha, well played, though you lose points for the boring cliche "Eurotrash".


  • When I started this blog, my main frame of reference for horror from the 1960s-70s was "Eurotrash" cinema.

    Archive 2009-03-08

  • Once I saw the sandals I figured they were "Eurotrash" or wannabees.

    There's something I like about L.A.

  • Douglas to praise Wieland's later work - especially given his public distaste for the progenitor of the "Eurotrash" Regietheater directors of the current age.

    Here's hoping...

  • I regret that I haven't yet seen this production, but am relieved that they are not taking the one from Zurich a few years ago - with Olaf Baer in high heels and black wings, 'Eurotrash' indeed - or the ghastly thing that was filmed from the Opera du Rhin and that remains the only available DVD of the opera.

    Covent Garden to present UK Korngold premiere


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