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  • n. A place of ideal well-being. As a practical aspiration compared with utopia as an impossible concept.


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  • Chloe Ramsay never would have written her famed "Eutopia"; T.S. Eliot never would have been compelled to attack her; Virginia Woolf would have lacked much of her inspiration for A Room of One's Own; and Ernest Hemingway never would have written his celebrated story "Women Without Men"."

    The Nine Muses

  • Let's decide to begin the Journey of our lifetime to land in Decemland one day, where Eutopia and Cornucopia reign.

    A Sleeping Society

  • Northern Ice Cap was obvious, Syrtis Major was well defined, and even Hellas Basin and even Eutopia was obvious – more detail than I've ever seen on Mars, ever.

    Welcome Back, Mars… | Universe Today

  • Yes, in as far as salvation is concerned, all are identical before God and every nation, kindred tongue and people will gather at the magnificent Wedding Supper of the Lamb but till that awesome event Man's foolishness will not bring a grand Eutopia; rather an Orwellian nightmare visiting unspoken misery upon millions (some may argue it is well and truly already here).

    The Deconstruction of Women's Clothing

  • Eutopia? by Mike Folkerth on Tuesday, Apr 1, 2008 at 5: 01: 04 PM

    Bernie Sanders: The Finnish Success Story

  • Ruth Nestvold's "Scraps of Eutopia" is a bit of a literary in-joke, a vehemently recursive alternate history, but it involves Virginia Woolf and T.S. Eliot, so it pleased me tremendously, because it is a fiercely smart story, and it sent me back to various biographies, literary histories, and encyclopedias to track down every reference I could find.

    The Nine Muses

  • Scraps of Eutopia may only appeal to the lit geeks, but we've got to have something of our own now and then, and I am grateful for it.

    The Nine Muses

  • On the summit was a large conical hut like an enormous candle snuffer, the dwelling place of Usakuma, the spirit of the Snake, whose name was forbidden to all save the Priest-God and Rain Maker, King MFunya MPopo, who was so holy that after succeeding to the sacred office he was doomed to live within the compound, even as were the Kings of Eutopia, Sheba and


  • One, named "Liddy," "a narrow-minded soul, a simple maiden from innocent Eutopia; she cannot grasp an idea."

    The Love Affairs of Great Musicians, Volume 2

  • One, named “Liddy,” “a narrow-minded soul, a simple maiden from innocent Eutopia; she cannot grasp an idea.”

    The Love Affairs of Great Musicians


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