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  • n. A French antiship missile

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  • n. a guided missile developed by the French government for use against ships


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From exocet ("flying fish")


  • Mr Barnbrook is best known for producing provocatively named, subversive fonts such as Exocet, Bastard, Prozac and Nixon.

    Do Typefaces Really Matter?

  • We were following Exocet, the first ascent route of the peak, put up in 1988.

    Amid the Perils of Patagonia

  • • Strange goings-on, meanwhile at the Telegraph, where scribes at the Sunday paper launch an Exocet at Match of the Day presenter Alan Hansen, claiming that his taciturn performances on a Saturday night earn him £40,000 a programme.

    Hugh Muir's diary

  • Thinking to sink HMS Telegraph, the House of Commons this morning fired off an Exocet missile in the form of publishing its own thoroughly bowdlerized version of their expenses.

    Archive 2009-06-14

  • By publishing their expenses in this format MPs have thus caused their Exocet to do a rapid U-turn, whereupon it has buried itself in the vitals of Parliament and exploded.

    Archive 2009-06-14

  • Falklands war casualty: HMS Sheffield was hit by an Argentinian Exocet missile in 1982 and sank while being towed to safe water.

    Thatcher warned of defence cuts dangers before Falklands war

  • "Umbridge looks as if she should be quite soft, but underneath she's like an Exocet missile!" she laughs.

    Oscars 2011: Will the Brits win big in the technical categories?

  • The greatest loss suffered by U.S. forces during this whole conflict occurred in 1987 when an Iraqi aircraft fired an Exocet missile that hit the frigate USS Stark, killing 37 sailors and injuring 21.

    Iran Won't Close the Strait of Hormuz

  • But several similar ones are, including Tornado (1985), about a simulated attack on a Warsaw Pact surface-to-air missile site, and HMS Sheffield (1975), about life onboard a Royal Navy frigate (that was later hit by an Exocet during the Falklands war with the loss of 30 lives).

    A backwards salute to recruitment films

  • According to the book Rendez-Vous: The Psychoanalysis of François Mitterrand, at the height of the Falklands war, Thatcher threatened to nuke Argentina unless President Mitterrand handed over disabling codes for the French-built Exocet missiles which were pounding British ships.

    Never mind the Con-Dem coalition. We want bogeymen and we want them now


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