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  • Exothermic: A chemical reaction that releases energy when it occurs.

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  • ENERGY AND CHEMICAL REACTIONS Exothermic reactions • These reactions give out heat energy.

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  • Exothermic or before after Endothermic? mixing mixing (0C) (0C) sodium hydroxide sol'n + hydrochloric acid sodium hydrogen carbonate sol'n + citric acid copper sulphate sol'n + magnesium powder sulphuric acid + magnesium ribbon barium chloride + sodium sulphate

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  • Exothermic energy level diagram • ∆ H ( 'delta H') is the symbol for the 'change in energy'.

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  • Exothermic reactions form a source of chemical energy.

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  • Some time ago, Mark Goodacre posted a paper he did in which he researched different traditions of the old "Is Hell Enodthermic or Exothermic?" hoax.


  • This should hardly be taken as an authentication of the statement as actually Einstein’s, as Mirsky cites the original source as being a fictional magazine: Amazingly, the pretty girl/hot stove quote is actually the abstract from a short paper written by Einstein that appeared in the now defunct Journal of Exothermic Science and Technology 1938, Vol.

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