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  • Author: James WoolleyMany traders spend a lot of time looking for potential breakout situations when trading the forex markets This is because when these breakouts occur, they very often yield a lot of points So bearing that in mind, in this article I will discuss three simple trading strategies designed to catch these breakouts The first method makes use of Bollinger Bands This technical indicator is very useful in displaying areas of support and resistance, which is marked by the two outer lines of the Bollinger Band range Therefore when one of these outer limits is breached, you very often get a breakout in the same direction So to trade this breakout you ideally want to wait for a period where the outer lines of the Bollinger Bands indicator have narrowed because this indicates a period of tight consolidation This means that a breakout will usually have momentum when it does break out of this tight range Then when the price does break through one of the outer lines you can either jump in straight away or wait for a pullback to a short-term Exponential Moving Average, for example, for a better entry point The second method you can use involves using multiple Exponential Moving Averages, and in particular the 5, 20 and 50 period EMA's You may also like to add the

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  • To do this, it is better to use another kind of Moving average which called Exponential Moving Averages.

  • They made enhancements to TCP such as Exponential Backoff - another thing stolen directly from old Ethernet and Slow Start - where the initial window size is small.


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  • Yahoo's Schneider: We Expect 'Exponential' Growth In Mobile Ad Spending Comcast Says Clearwire's Latest Funding Provides 'Reasonable Likelihood' Of Success Interview: CBS's New Mobile Exec Rob Gelick Explains What's Working And What's Next For Wireless Nokia Will Produce Half As Many Smartphones In 2010; Forecasts $3 Billion In Service Revs In


  • Steven, on Justice Roberts Doesn't Know What "Exponential" Means krinsky, on To Be Fair, No One Ever Mails Conference Invitations on Time

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  • Steven, on Justice Roberts Doesn't Know What "Exponential" Means

    The Laboratorium | Recent Comments

  • Exponential gains in processing power since then have enabled both programmers and artists to take advantage of state-of-the-art software tools for creating and rendering graphics.

    Wolfram Blog : Wolfram Research at SIGGRAPH 2009

  • Planet-x. » Exoplanetology: The Exponential Discovery of Exoplanets and … » Exoplanetology: The Exponential Discovery of Exoplanets and …


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