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  • n. An Italian.


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From Italian.


  • Even taking into account the dodginess of the use of "Eyetie" to refer to an Italian person, one has to admit that it would be very difficult to portray the second, full quote as racist or xenophobic.

    Wake Up From Your Slumber - The Truth Will Set You Free

  • Moreover, in light of the Cameron's policy on marriage, he will probably insist that she and Don Millio get together again, pour l'encouragement les autres (sorry, I can't translate that into Eyetie).

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Yes, but Scotland, NIreland and Wales are allowed; England apparently no longer exists, except in the pejorative phrase "Little Englander" and as an aspiring, but rarely achieving, football team - even with an Eyetie in charge of it.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?

  • Your penultimate post on Gramsci is less easy to fulfil in terms of a slim primer ('twas I who sent you the last (Hudson Institute) links after you had castigated me for banging on about the crippled Eyetie prisoner).

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • Enzo, of Newbridge, who came to Wales as a tot in 1962 when his dad emigrated, said he had been called an ‘Eyetie’ and a ‘greaseball’ in his time and he took it all “with a pinch of salt”.

    Cairns suspended over Wopgate

  • Everything's been scraped back so far that the British Army rattles when it walks and those brain surgeons in Logistics hadn't even given us enough blanks to scare the bloody crows, let alone put the wind up Eyetie cooks.

    Whispers Of Betrayal

  • He married an Eyetie nurse and never bothered to come home.

    The Old Man's Tale

  • And why is a bloody Eyetie in charge of a British film - let alone an Ealing film, the most British productions of all?

    Film |

  • Italian Somaliland, I'm sure there's some museum display somewhere that's itchin 'fer a repeat against them Eyetie wogs!

    Alternate Brain

  • Walt calls his bald hairdresser a tight-assed Eyetie scumbag, or words to that effect, while the man retorts that Walt is a whining, tight-fisted, Polack sonofabitch.

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