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  • 32-bit FAT (32-bit file allocation table; 32-bit file allocation table, 32-bit file allocation table) ; 32-bit allocation table version of FAT


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  • FAT32 is most frequently used as a format to store data on USB thumb drives, flash memory cards for digital cameras and digital media players (such as Secure Digital, MMC, Sony MemoryStick and CompactFlash) as well as for storing for map information and Points Of Interest (POI) on portable GPS devices, such as the TomTom.

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  • The new technician had to remove and reinstall Windows Mellinium all over again, this time doing it in FAT32.

    Removing and reinstalling Windows.

  • Because at this point, the macbook is default, so I don't really want to mess with a brand new configuration, and the external is FAT32, which is what i was told would be more compatible with mac os.

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  • It was available in capacities up to 6.4 GB, which-since it was significantly higher than the 2 GB ceiling for FAT16 partitions-ushered in the superior FAT32, which is of course one of the file systems still with us today.

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  • However, OS X and Windows both can read and write to a format called FAT32, which used to be used for Windows all the way back into the MS-DOS days.

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  • The first would be to format the external drive as a Windows drive, but be careful to use the Windows format called "FAT32," not the one called NTFS.

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  • To devices that use them, CompactFlash cards appear as IDE / UltraATA devices, which makes them rather easy to access: the host device simply has to create a file system such as FAT32 and you are ready to go.

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  • It can, for example, read and write USB hard drives formatted using FAT32 which is also compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows.

  • Make sure that this drive is formatted with NTFS or a Linux filesystem — you should not use a drive with FAT32 since the 4GB maximum file size will probably cause the cloning to fail.

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  • I used to think I needed to use FAT32 for my server to allow Windows access.

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