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  • A family of dicotyledonous archichlamydeous (apetalous) trees or shrubs of the order Fagales, typified by the genus Fagus; the beech family.

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  • proper noun a natural family of chiefly monoecious trees and shrubs, including beeches, chestnuts, and oaks; it includes the genera Castanea; Castanopsis; Chrysolepis; Fagus; Lithocarpus; Nothofagus; and Quercus.

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  • proper noun A taxonomic family within the order Fagales — the beech and similar trees.

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  • noun chiefly monoecious trees and shrubs: beeches; chestnuts; oaks; genera Castanea, Castanopsis, Chrysolepis, Fagus, Lithocarpus, Nothofagus, Quercus


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Fagus +‎ -aceae


  • One example of a gravity-dispersed seed is European Beech (Fagus sylvatica, Fagaceae), although the seeds are also dispersed by scatter-hoarding rodents [5].

    Seed dispersal

  • These include species of Fagaceae, in particular Quercus ilex, which is found only in the Northern Waziristan, Koh-i-Safed, and Chitral foothills, as well as east oleander (Nerium), tropical adhatoda, and Fraxinus xanthoxyloides.

    Sulaiman Range alpine meadows

  • The most abundant montane tree species in the lower montane zone are Lithocarpus, Quercus, Castanopsis, Fagaceae, and laurels (Lauraceae).

    Eastern Java-Bali montane rain forests

  • The Fagaceae species that generally mark montane rain forest in the region (Castanopsis, Nothofagus, and Lithocarpus) are absent in the Solomons.

    Solomon Islands rain forests

  • In Seram's montane forests, the Fagaceae are represented by only two species.

    Seram rain forests

  • Included within these forest habitats are montane hardwood forests of Fagaceae and Lauraceae, mixed conifer-hardwood forests, open montane forests, and open conifer forests.

    Luang Prabang montane rain forests

  • Pinaceae forest creates a belt between the Fagaceae and the Cedrus community.

    East Afghan montane conifer forests

  • These are made up of Cupressaceae, Anacardiaceae, Pinaceae, Oleaceae, and Fagaceae families.

    Sulaiman Range alpine meadows

  • Dominance is mixed among a variety of tree species, with the Lauraceae, Fagaceae, and Meliaceae particularly important.

    South China-Vietnam subtropical evergreen forests

  • Evergreen forest originally represented by a variety of Fagaceae and other hardwoods is now dominated by Castanopsis hystrix, with Phyllanthus emblica as a co-dominant and Antidesma collettii, Helicia terminalis, and Wendlandia paniculata as important associates.

    Luang Prabang montane rain forests


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