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  • proper n. A fairy and the wife of Manannan mac Lir and later the lover of Cúchulainn.


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  • Cuchullain wins the love of Fand just as young, handsome countrymen are believed to win the love of fair women of ‘the others’, and he goes to help Labraid as young, strong countrymen are believed to help ‘the others’ who can do little, being but ‘shadows’ without a mortal among them, at the hurling and in the battle; and November Eve is still a season of great power among the spirits.

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  • His great sorrow for the love of Fand reminds me of the woman told of in Arran, who was often heard weeping on the hill-side for the children she had left among ‘the others’.

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  • When Fand saw that she had lost his love she lamented her happy days with Mannannan when their love was new.

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  • If there really is a knife wielding maniac in the house, which there quite often is, I have to try and scrape together a shield team from the few dozen officers on duty in Fand G Division.

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  • Fand þa ðær inne æþelinga gedriht swefan æfter symble; sorge ne cuðon, wonsceaft wera.

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  • Yesterday it was 70 degrees Fand humid, until around 4 pm.

    In Gordath Wood: Writer Patrice Sarath » Wintry Mix

  • They are wisely sitting out the hot part of the day it's around 105- 110 Fand smiling at us as we gulp down the water at this kind compound.

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  • His wife Fand smiles up at Danaan, enjoying Her husband's moment of embarrassment. "hush, now" She says, languid and redolent.

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  • Especially I love his relationship with Fand, who gave up her Love not to hurt his feelings and his pride.

    Manannán Mac Lir

  • Fey Fand, high priestess of Durban's Celetine Circle, said if the bill was passed, some witches could lose their jobs.

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