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  • adj. Fantastical or surreal.
  • adj. In the manner of the films of Fellini.


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From the name of the Italian film director Federico Fellini.


  • Mobster Circus A new kind of Felliniesque entertainment form has sprung to life in America.

    Slicker Spike Breaks the Bank

  • Dawn Taylor says that the film virtually defines the "Felliniesque": "weird, sexy, funny, crude, beautiful, political, and in all ways marvelous."

    GreenCine Daily

  • But notice the number on the door of the palazzo: above the 110, it says "Già 113"—formerly 113—a very Felliniesque address.

    Finding Fellini

  • Sometimes Fellini's Rome and Felliniesque Rome live in close proximity.

    Finding Fellini

  • Adding to the Felliniesque atmosphere of the old Blue Whale were the genuinely surreal episodes when deranged fans would stumble into the place.


  • Are the umbrellas emblazoned with huge eyes Felliniesque?

    The Real Offenbach

  • The over-used term ‘Felliniesque’ does pop to mind.

    “Would YOU like to be Queen for a day?” | clusterflock

  • Felliniesque is the only word for Valentino's 45th-anniversary bash, and the Roman society that Fellini depicts in "La Dolce Vita" is a surreal version of the one in which Valentino and Giancarlo met.

    'Valentino' Finds Passion in Fashion

  • Very Felliniesque, it contains lots of gentle freaks, wonderful cityscapes, and many moments goofy, charming, and touching.

    'Fred Astaire'

  • The place is Felliniesque, okay, packed to the brim with drunken locals.

    Buzzine » Extreme Tijuana


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