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Ferdinand de Saussure


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  • Lacan's contribution is mainly on Freudian psychoanalysis in the light of structural linguistics by Ferdinand de Saussure, and also structural linguistics of Jakobson, Russian linguistics, and he also used intensively philosophy, literature, arts and mathematics.

    Ehsan Azari Stanizai: Lacan and His Significance in Western Philosophy

  • Sorcha Faal has traveled and lectured extensively throughout the World, with her primary focus being the systematic structure of languages serving as a link between thought and sound, and as developed by Ferdinand de Saussure.

    Arthur Goldwag: Oil Spill Shillery

  • One answer—the one given by the Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure—is that, lacking a fixed bulletin board of reality to which they might be stapled, words have to be defined in relation to each other: Table can be told apart from cable, so you know it has a slightly different meaning, and is also distinct from stable, gable, and fable.


  • Ferdinand de Saussure, the father of structuralism, owed much to Hobbes and Mill, and numbered Henry VII among his ancestors

    Saussure's ambivalent involvement with Sanskrit

  • Pāṇini, and the later Indian linguist Bhartrihari, had a significant influence on many of the foundational ideas proposed by Ferdinand de Saussure, professor of Sanskrit, who is widely considered the father of modern structural linguistics.

    Saussure's ambivalent involvement with Sanskrit

  • Foucault found this understanding reinforced in the structuralist linguistics and psychology developed, respectively, by Ferdinand de Saussure and Jacques Lacan, as well as in Georges Dumézil's proto-structuralist work on comparative religion.

    Michel Foucault

  • Structuralism arises from the work of a man named Ferdinand de Saussure, who taught at the university level in France around the turn of the 20th Century, that one that just past--it seems like at a breaking-the-speed-limit celerity--as fast as one of those armadillos old Jerry Parsons likes to go hunting for at two in those starry Texas mornings--when armadillo chili is on his craving mind.

    Among the Simple

  • While it is obvious that Sidney had not the advantage, in his education, of having read Ferdinand de Saussure and his successors, I believe it is a mistake, on the basis of our own historical chauvinism, not to seek the implications of Sidney's argument, and to callously assume that Sidney did not himself see some of those implications.

    Defence of Poesie

  • Ferdinand de Saussure, in his courses in Paris and


  • What Lévi-Strauss really came away with, especially after his initial exposure to structural linguistics through the ideas of notable figures like Ferdinand de Saussure and Roman Jakobson, were "the tools with which to float free from the morass of descriptive data and observe the patterns that cut across continents and cultures," identifying the motifs and structures that struck him as universal.

    NYT > Home Page


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