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  • proper n. One of the signs of the onset of the end of this world, the final, three-year-long winter (with no intervening summers), it marks the coming of the Ragnarok, the battle that will end the world.


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  • "Valor and Might" and the crushing doom-metal avalanche of "Fimbulwinter" - still possess a distinctive Exmortus sound.

    Tucson Weekly

  • Every Disting, the Groundhog looks out over the earth, and the Norns have decreed that when he sees his shadow, Fimbulwinter will descend over Midgard and herald Ragnarok and the Doom of the Gods.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • The city will be worldwide; all pastoral will be stone pastoral; the season will be the Fimbulwinter.

    Stone Pastorals: Three Men on the Side of the Horses

  • The fight to be ready for winter, for Fimbulwinter.

    Lucifer's Hammer

  • Baba Yaga wants the powers that Vasilisa possess to help her engender Fimbulwinter, an ice age that will end the world.

    The Bedside Crow

  • In Norse mythology, Fimbulwinter (Old Norse Fimbulvetr) is the immediate prelude to the events of Ragnarök.

    Red Ice Creations


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