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  • The planet, dubbed Formalhaut b, is a gas giant that is much bigger than Jupiter and apparently is surrounded by rings of its own.

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  • One involves a planet that appears to be orbiting just inside a giant ring of gas that encircles a star known as Formalhaut, a mere 25 light-years from Earth.

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  • The small white box at lower right pinpoints the planet Artist rendering/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images IMAGINING SPACE: Thursday, an artist released this concept of the star Fomalhaut and the Jupiter-type planet, Formalhaut b, that the Hubble Space Telescope observed.

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  • Star, Formalhaut, perhaps, Aldebaran, Alta├»r: while great Heroes and Princes were more splendidly attended, and marched out to their forgotten battles with troops and armies of heavenly


  • As stars go, Formalhaut is quite interesting enough on its own.

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  • Formalhaut B using visible light, from 25 light-years away. what's new online!

  • Formalhaut b sits in a vast dust belt orbiting its star.

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  • Formalhaut b, an extrasolar planet some 25 light-years away, was discovered when scientists blocked the glare from the giant star it orbits.

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  • The first direct images of a planet outside our solar system, a Jupiter-class object orbiting the star Formalhaut, about 25 light years from our present location.

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  • This is the first image of an extra-solar planet, around Formalhaut.



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