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  • (Your clerk competence supplement which Hamlet sounds rsther than Mac-like when he tells himself to brush to his revenge as good as to "put widely separated all pardonable fond records" in Act One, as good as when he praises a brutal Fortinbras as good as castigates himself in Act Four: "O from this time forth/My thoughts be full of red red blood or be zero worth!")

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  • The canine stand-ins include Almondine (Ophelia, daughter of Polonius), Tinder and Baboo (courtiers Rosenkrantz, sometimes spelled Rosencrantz), Forte (Fortinbras) and Essay (Horatio).

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  • There is no comic relief, no Polonius with his worldly wisdom and his absurdity, no gravedigger taking off, perhaps in accordance to an ancient stage tradition, innumerable waistcoats, no sub-plot, no Fortinbras with his filibustering army, but the chorus is there so that we may sit back and relax our strained attention.

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  • “This is Denmark under Fortinbras,” murmured Oscar.

    Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile

  • Bernardo, Marcellus, Reynaldo, and Fortinbras formed a line upstage right; the Player King and Queen and the gravediggers formed another upstage left.

    Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile

  • The leading conservative: Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, who has emerged, one hopes, as Wall Street's Fortinbras, come to restore order after bloodshed and confusion.

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  • He had transformed Hamlet into a modern parable: The Prince of Denmark wore black leather and sunglasses; a deranged Ophelia hovered in every scene; and the nightmare appearance of Fortinbras at the 11th hour represented the murderous precipice of a totalitarian future.

    Stay for the Curtain! Eustis Quotes Bergman in Pedestrian <i>Hamlet</i>

  • Fortinbras and his army have entered Denmark at last, signaling the end.

    Stay for the Curtain! Eustis Quotes Bergman in Pedestrian <i>Hamlet</i>

  • Fortinbras Bartelby, ten years old when he had died of consumption, he had told Bod, who had mistakenly believed for several years that Fortinbras had been eaten by lions or bears, and was extremely disappointed to learn it was merely a disease…”

    The Road Not Taken · The Graveyard Book

  • On Fortinbras: hims iz da kitteh dat Ah wants ta say rite nao wif mah voice;

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