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  • adj. Alternative spelling of Foucauldian.


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  • Perhaps because the denizens of the Ivory Tower prefer not to be punched in the face until they become unconscious or perhaps because Mike "Interested in the politics of representation in post-Lacanian pre-Foucaldian gender studies" Tyson doesn't quite have the ring as "Iron Mike," but pugilists have rarely been philosophers and philosophers rarely pugilists.

    Joshua David Stein: Blue Blood: Thinking Outside the Box

  • If a weeaboo always finishes his Japanese sentences with desu it is possible that he wishes to avoid what he feels as an English grammatical error, such a rule he assumes is present in another language, and doesn't realize that (a) his avoidance of zero copula is more of an ideological factor (to avoid ridicule for poor use of the Foucaldian-discursive entity that is "Standard English") and that (b) zero copula in Japanese [if that exists?] is not necessarily an ideological factor but one of cultural convenience.

    Anime Nano!


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