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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or associated with Charles Fourier or his socialist and philosophic theories.
  • n. A supporter of Fourierism.


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From Fourier +‎ -ite.


  • It deserved to be kindly noticed, and not until after the "Fourierite" doctrines were preached and accepted did there appear anything in the journals of a defamatory character relating to it.

    Brook Farm

  • Filled with enthusiasm, glorying in the great cause he stood for, self-sacrificing, giving himself absolutely to the redemption of humanity, he converted the Farmers to the Fourierite theories and induced them to put these theories to the test of actual experiment.

    My Friends at Brook Farm

  • Harbinger_ was established as the Fourierite organ in this country.

    My Friends at Brook Farm

  • Minot Pratt and one or two other skeptics left the Association, but the rest of the members unanimously voted to reorganize as a Fourierite

    My Friends at Brook Farm

  • Mr. Pratt and his family left Brook Farm when the association was reorganized as a Fourierite Phalanx, and was succeeded by John Codman, who, under the new order, was made Chief of the Agricultural Series, a post which he filled with signal ability during the remaining years of the community's existence.

    My Friends at Brook Farm

  • In 1842 Mr. Greeley began to print in his paper one column daily of matter on Fourierite topics, written by Albert Brisbane, and occasionally these theories were defended in his editorial columns, and he thereby gained a certain amount of obloquy from which he did not readily recover.

    Great Men and Famous Women. Vol. 4 of 8 A series of pen and pencil sketches of the lives of more than 200 of the most prominent personages in History

  • Hawthorne was no transcendentalist: he went to Brook Farm, not as a Fourierite or a believer in the principles of association, but attracted by the novelty of this experiment at communal living, and by the interesting varieties of human nature there assembled: literary material which he used in "The Blithedale Romance."

    Four Americans Roosevelt, Hawthorne, Emerson, Whitman

  • Farm and Fourierite communities, but now the community generally has failed.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great Philosophers, Volume 8

  • Abolitionist, or a Fourierite, as his companions were in some degree or other likely to be, he was willing, as a generous and unoccupied young man, to lend a hand in any reasonable scheme for helping people to live together on better terms than the common.

    Hawthorne (English Men of Letters Series)

  • Well, poor man, he could not help it, if he were coarse, and an Abolitionist, and a Fourierite, and -- -- She was getting a little muddy now, she was conscious, so turned her mind back to the repose of her stocking.

    Margret Howth: A Story of To-Day


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