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  • Does the name Francis Galton mean anything to you? "

    The Magyar Venus

  • A stronger impact and social efficacy was provided by theories of differences in natural endowment from the days of the ancient Greeks to Vilfredo Pareto and the prophets of the modern eugenics movement, such as Francis Galton and Karl Pearson, as well as their utopian forerunner Thomas Campanella.


  • Francis Galton, the founder of British eugenics and a cousin of Darwin, sought to nail down the physical and inheritable Jewish traits.


  • The séance that Charles Darwin attended in January 1874 at the house of his brother Erasmus brought the pioneering biologist together with Francis Galton, eugenicist and one of the founders of modern psychology, and the novelist George Eliot.

    John Gray on humanity's quest for immortality

  • Invented by Francis Galton, a cousin of Darwin's, this pseudoscience caught the imagination of many powerful nonscientists, ranging from Theodore Roosevelt to Adolph Hitler.

    Clay Farris Naff: The Dangers Of Believing In Parallel Worlds

  • For more than a century, since Francis Galton first started speculating about the similarities of twins, nature-nurture was a war with a stalemated front and intelligence was its Verdun—the most hotly contested and costly battle.

    A Truce in the War Over Smarts and Genes

  • James Surowiecki opens his acclaimed book, The Wisdom of Crowds, with an anecdote about Francis Galton's experience in 1907 discovering that averaging the guesses of a group of untrained locals produced better estimates of a bull's weight than the company's own highly trained experts.

    Narinder Singh: Crowdsourcing: The New Comparative Advantage?

  • Francis Galton coined the phrase "nature versus nurture" to consider the influence of heredity and environment on human development, and the concept can be appropriated to consider the role of critics in supporting the best achievements in the arts.

    Robert Bettmann: Michael Kaiser and the Role of Critics -- Nature Versus Nurture?

  • A cousin of Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, coined the idea of eugenics, which literally means, "well or truly born" in 1883, lamenting that British intellectuals were marrying later and producing fewer children.

    Genetics journal reveals dark past

  • The main connections that all these authors make between Darwinism and eugenics is that Francis Galton, an early proponent of eugenics, was Darwin's cousin and that Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist who championed evolution and maintained a long correspondence with the English naturalist, was a primary source for Nazi eugenic policies.

    Eric Michael Johnson: Intelligent Design Creationists Abuse Science and Victims of the Holocaust


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