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  • n. The love or admiration of France, the French, or French culture.


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  • One of the present generation of UK academics who is leading the charge against "Francophilia" in French studies is Charles Forsdick, who is the current James Barrow professor of French at Liverpool University.

    French is too important to be left to middle-class Francophiles | Andrew Hussey

  • The dishonesty and betrayals of Jacques “le Ver” Chirac have turned Francophilia into a left-wing monopoly and “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” in to a cliché.

    European Union

  • In a recent article on the doomed future of French studies, Forsdick acidly remarked that in the past French departments had usually been staffed by French nationals and that their "persistent Francophilia often tended to obstruct the distance of ethnographic objectivity on which modern languages should ideally be based".

    French is too important to be left to middle-class Francophiles | Andrew Hussey

  • But beware, because this is not a straight tale of sweaty Francophilia.

    The Hard Sell: Stella Artois

  • Is it the fast comfort food trend, Francophilia or a 1970s culinary throwback worthy of a renaissance?


  • In recent years, Americans have given Francophilia the cold shoulder.

    Three Books For The Closeted Francophile

  • These three books are enjoyable ways to enter into a state of Francophilia that Americans so readily shun.

    Three Books For The Closeted Francophile

  • Nor was he enraptured by "the small change of Oxford evenings", and he was startled by the erratic inebriety of such celebrated Oxonians as Richard Cobb, although he shared Cobb's disdain for the uncritical Francophilia of so many of their colleagues.

    Tony Judt obituary

  • A Woman Marries the Eiffel Tower: And we thought we had a bad case of Francophilia.

    Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide

  • Speaking of the French, if you like your French fries with biftek; and your wine, and windmills, red; and your towers designed by Eiffel; and your politics progressive; check out Francophilia.

    David Horton: Allons Enfants


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