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  • adj. pertaining to, or associated with, the regime and policies of Francisco Franco in Spain (1939–75)
  • adj. pertaining to right-wing political parties or politicians in Spain
  • n. a supporter of Francisco Franco


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from Spanish franquismo


  • Ternera, a historic leader of ETA who together with old ETA's deceased number one José Miguel Beñarán, Argala, had participated in the historic assassination of the Franquist PM, Luis Carrero Blanco in December 1973.

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  • The Civil War and Franco may be ancient history, but Spain is still very much divided between those with republican sympathies who vote mainly for the Socialist Worker's Party (PSOE), and those of Franquist sympathies who vote for the People's Party (PP).

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  • The League of Mutilated and Disabled of the Spanish Civil War, in Exile, is asking nothing from the Franquist regime.


  • [6] On 23 February 1981, an attempted coup d'état organized by Franquist sectors took place in the Spanish Congress, The leader, Colonel Tejero, held up the members of parliament present at gunpoint and took them hostage as the new president of the government was being sworn in.

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  • Public Policy in a No-Party State: Spanish Planning and Budgeting in the Twilight of the Franquist Era by Richard Gunther

    The Spanish Style


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