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  • n. Plural form of Freelander.


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  • Land Rover Freelanders are parked outside the Jaguar Land Rover assembly plant at Halewood in Liverpool, England, on December 22, 2008.

    India's Auto Boom

  • But around here it's not unusual to see solitary drivers in Landrover Freelanders et al: they need big cars to fit their egos in.

    buggerthat Diary Entry

  • A photo that accompanied a World News article Monday about the U.K. economy showing Vauxhalls at a plant in Ellesmere Port, England, was incorrectly captioned in some editions as showing Land Rover Freelanders.

    Corrections & Amplifications

  • In later editions the photo was changed to show the red, blue, black and gray Freelanders in Liverpool, England.

    Corrections & Amplifications

  • You Freelanders '-- he turned now to David --' are certainly no teetotallers; your beer and palm-wine are excellent; your wines leave nothing to be desired; and you do not seem to me to be people who merely keep these good things ready to offer to an occasional guest.

    Freeland A Social Anticipation

  • Freelanders, with their multitudinous wants, will not be content with forty per cent., when a little easy labour would earn them a hundred per cent.

    Freeland A Social Anticipation

  • He thought that, as the Freelanders already made the value of a unit of labour-time the standard of calculation in their most important affairs, the simplest plan would be to universalise this method -- that is, to declare the labour-hour to be the measure of value, the money-unit.

    Freeland A Social Anticipation

  • No second shot was as yet fired by the Freelanders; but when the

    Freeland A Social Anticipation

  • The Freelanders would not even have pursued us if we had bolted with our embezzled booty; we might have run off as unmolested as so many mangy dogs.

    Freeland A Social Anticipation

  • Freelanders and ourselves lies here -- that you enjoy the fruits of progress, while we merely busy ourselves with the Danaidean vessel of over-production.

    Freeland A Social Anticipation


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