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  • n. Plural form of Freeper.


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  • A.J. What’s truly scary about folks like Anvilhead and other Freepers is that a lot of them are the same ones who go to church every Sunday, memorize the Bible by heart, and think that this means they have a sort of spiritual “Get Out Of Jail Free” card which gives them license to be callous and spiteful towards other people.

    Think Progress » ‘This isn’t about the intel anymore.’

  • You'll recall that the Freepers are a far-right, and I mean VERY far right, Web organization that even FOX's Bill O'Reilly criticized as being too extreme.


  • So what will Brooks be calling the Freepers who have been attacking the NYTs today?

    Firedoglake » Wingnut Welfare Queens Strike Again

  • In case you missed it last week, the insane asylum our pals at, known as "Freepers" but not known as "tolerant" or "open-minded" are forming up the ol' circular firing squad over a purge of Rudy Giuliani supporters who no longer are permitted to post and comment there.

    Archive 2007-05-27

  • "Freepers" attack open message boards and blogs with smear campaigns in which they use profanity and obscenities, racist language, character attacks and false accusations.

    The Internet Should Work Like Our Democracy

  • "Freepers" have infiltrated our message board for Democratic activists to sow conflict.

    The Internet Should Work Like Our Democracy

  • I monitor conservative sites like FReerepublic and conservative hideout. simply to hear what the echo chamber is saying. thus I have seen my own screen name become a target for banning. the "Freepers" as they are called organize against individual "Leftist" posters, spam and skew online polls routinely. part of the attacks include deluging the editors with complaints. and proclaiming how many - Front Page

  • "Freepers" at WaMu may have contributed to the death of the firm by posting attacks on the diversity hiring awards won by the savings and loan.


  • "They were chanting 'Freepers'" outside Gore's vice presidential residence, he said. Top News Headlines

  • One even knows about "Freepers" and regularly asks what I'm reading about on this forum.

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