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French Louisiana


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  • proper n. Name for the French vast colony Louisiana (Louisiane in French) in the present USA, part of New France (Nouvelle France in French; with Canada), temporarily lost to and regained from Spain (1762-1801/3), until its sale in 1803 by French emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte to the USA in the so-called Louisiana Purchase (1803)


French + Louisiana (from French Louisiane, after French 'Sun king' Louis XIV) (Wiktionary)


  • Antoine Crozat, one of the richest women in France and widow to a private banker who had invested in the French Louisiana territory, posed not at leisure but at work on her needlework frame for Jacques-André-Joseph Aved's painting of 1741.

    With All the Time in the World

  • I had a similar experience while reading Isabel Allende's "Island Beneath the Sea" - review here -which has in some ways a similar setting- Haiti, Cuba and French Louisiana during the French Revolutionary period.

    The Tide of War, by Seth Hunter. Book review

  • Before the Revolution the Carrolls had comtemplated emigration to French Louisiana to escape the anti-Catholics laws of the English colonies.

    Catholic Colony-Making in 19th Century America

  • Biloxi's history dates back to the colonial era in 1699, being the first permanent settlement in and later temporary capital of then French Louisiana, although it was actually named after the Biloxi Indians that hardy French settlers, led by Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville, first encountered and befriended as they sought the mouth of the Mississippi River.

    Biloxi, Madmen and the Dixie Mafia

  • “Much bigger now that President Jefferson bought the French Louisiana, no?”

    City of Glory

  • One reference places the Natchitoches pie back, at least, to the 1700s; while I understand Natchitoches itself dates from 1714 and was part of French Louisiana.

    What I cooked last night.

  • My great-grandmother on my mother's side was the result of a relationship between a French Louisiana plantation owner and his Cherokee slave.

    The Newest Indians, DNA, the Black Cherokee, and the Trail of Tears

  • His state created Council For The Development of French Louisiana or CODOFIL, recruits French teachers from around the world.

    CNN Transcript Mar 2, 2002

  • By 1753, they had begun to link French Louisiana with Canada by a chain of forts in a strategy designed to prevent the English from extending their settlements westward beyond the mountains and thus to hem them in between the mountains and the sea.

    Angel in the Whirlwind

  • The first capital of French Louisiana, Old Mobile, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, shares a stretch of the Mobile River with several chemical plants.

    Old Mobile Dispute


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