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  • n. Freudian beliefs and practices, particularly the mechanism of psychological repression, the centrality of sexual desire to the development of the persona, and the efficacy of the "talking cure" or psychoanalytic technique.


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Freudian +‎ -ism


  • I'd call your behavior projection, but I don't believe in Freudianism either.

    Economic Arguments, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • It's modern, sparky and unencumbered by the cod-Freudianism which is the only weakness of The Demolished Man.

    :Acquired Taste

  • More generally, any theory that purports to explain the origin of our intentional states in terms of deeper underlying causes, or that claims to explain much of human behavior without reference to intentional states (such as Freudianism, which treats many of our beliefs as rationalizations, our desires as sublimations), will be unmoved by the methodological individualist's demand that pride of place be assigned to explanations formulated at the action-theoretic level.

    Methodological Individualism

  • When it comes to gaining an idea of "Freudianism" and all the overwhelming discoveries, theories, and suggestions due to those who have busied themselves with the lasting effects of infantile and childish experiences, of hidden desires -- sexual and otherwise, of "the

    The Mind in the Making The Relation of Intelligence to Social Reform

  • Yanking the play into 1919, Mitchell appropriates it to her favourite era and climate, an early 20th century where a catastrophe has happened, Freudianism hovers, most people look pinched with cold and there is always a need for an umbrella.

    A Woman Killed with Kindness; Loyalty; Ghost – review

  • It's easy to forget how influential Freudianism once was, and I've got to admit that I prefer the question-begging of the DSM-IV-TR to the pompous absurdity of psycho-analysis.

    Rothbard on Szasz, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Either that, or the law of comparative advantage can, like Marxism or Freudianism, be used to prove anything.

    Sailer's Challenge, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • He used his advantage to produce a definitive (if marred by a too-easy Freudianism) five-volume biography of James (1953-72)—which brought him a Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award and the Henry James Professorship at New York University—and to edit a four-volume edition of James's letters.

    The Afterlife of the Lion

  • Marxism (along with positivism and Freudianism) has fallen into disrepute, because people have realized the hollowness of its pretension of having a scientific rather than a moral basis.

    Matthew Yglesias » George Orwell Was a Socialist

  • Yet his work was also full of trickery, sleight-of-hand Freudianism and fiddling with facts.

    The Biographers' Biographer


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