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  • n. Plural form of Freudian.


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  • (It wasn't until afterwards that I realized that while this is pretty much the norm for how we "book people" look at children's books, it may have been the first time that the "Freudians" heard such observations as the book should be read as a play, with different voices for the owl babies and mother.)

    Fear and Fiction: The Power of Children's Books and the Inner Life of The Child, Part I

  • So what was Paterson getting at when he invited "Freudians" to speculate as to the reasons he was, supposedly unfairly, being labeled accidental?

    'Who's John McCain?'

  • And yet the most powerful opposition appears to be from religious groups, in an unholy alliance with some psychiatrists who have little understanding of biology, but are fanatic disciples of one or more popular psychiatric cults, such as Freudians or Jungians.

    Left, Right, Male and Female Brains

  • Don't get the lighthouse one, as it could be viewed by Freudians a signal of insecurity about certain body parts. Annals of Procrastination

  • Early in the century, Freud and his followers developed psychoanalysis which evolved in a cult-like manner as the Freudians literally franchised their theory and practice in psychoanalytic institutes throughout the Western World.

    Dr. Peter Breggin: Empathic Therapy: An Emerging Field

  • Armchair Freudians were forced to reach for another box of Kleenex upon the shock – albeit fleeting – return of Simon Wicks, who drifted out of the narrative gloaming like an afterthought in a Crombie.

    World of Lather: a month in soap

  • For Freudians, the double can reassure, as a baby doll reassures an infant.


  • You don't have to plow through dozens of pages where Schmeglork the Mysterious explains to the bemused pig-tender hero that the world has been darkened by Sauron-clone and his Not-quite-Nazgûl servitors, and that the entire history of the world hinges on the hero's ability to insert Magical Tab A into Sorcerous Slot B. (Silence, Freudians!)

    MIND MELD: The Best Sword & Sorcery Stories

  • Freudians attributed couvade to "fetus envy," but recent science has found that it's not so cuckoo.

    The Plight of the Pregnant Man

  • After Hiroshima, Wuthnow writes, Freudians predicted that mankind would be "paralyzed with fear, passively awaiting the end."

    Book review of "Be Very Afraid," by Robert Wuthnow and "How Risky Is It, Really?," by David Ropeik


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