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  • He had developed his interest in publishing there, working on a humor magazine called Froth and a literary magazine called Inkling.

    NYT > Home Page

  • 'Froth' is one of those political code-words like 'tittle-tattle', used by politicians to fend off discussion of something which is true but unpalatable.

    Gordon Brown, Charlie Whelan and Me

  • Angelo Sosa from Xie Xie in New York -- who, by the way, is already a very established chef to the point that it would probably be detrimental to his career if he doesn't walk away with the win -- made Arctic Char with Pickled Shallots, Chillied Tapioca & Smoked Bacon Froth because that's what they eat in Connecticut where he's from.

    Top Chef DC Finale: Who Will Be Named Top Chef?

  • The final color we chose was Benjamin Moore's Richmond Gold with Cream Froth for the trim and contrast walls.

    Decorating Update

  •  Two other unpleasantries Mrs Petrol-Froth would rather not spend her time thinking about.


  •  Mrs Petrol-Froth observed that she was screaming to be let go; her shouts as if from a far off place.


  •  Mrs Petrol-Froth bobbing her head, yet at the same time wondering what a young thing like this would be doing out walking while it was still too dark to see the feet in front of her? — when the girl began to shiver uncontrollably.


  •            Running to get a couple of blankets, it occurred to Mrs Petrol-Froth that the young lady was dressed rather inconveniently for a coldsummer night — her midriff bare in a skimpy jersey, the jeans cut shockingly low revealing a gold ring that protruded from her navel.


  •            Mrs Petrol-Froth rising and going to the window, where she looked down on a caravan of truck-like vehicles stopping alongside stone walls that buttressed the graveyard, near the bend in the road at Pillar's Knoll.


  •            Mrs Petrol-Froth looked down at the varicose veins marking Dolly's legs — map of a crowded city she was thinking, following an especially knotted blue vein that meandered north before it disappeared under the wide leg of Dolly's patterned culottes.



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