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  • T.rnado Ratings T.rnadoes are rated on what is called the Fujita Scale, named for the inventor T. T.eodore Fujita.

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  • Tornado intensity is given by Fujita Scale values.


  • The size of that, thing could be -- oh yes, that's where I was going with the Fujita Scale.

    CNN Transcript May 22, 2008

  • MAGINNIS: This is very different damage from what we were looking at when we spoke with the meteorologist earlier in Missouri and Oklahoma, where you see some of these home that are flattened, that's not so to say that these homes haven't suffered their fair share of damage here, but they gauge a tornado -- there is actually the Fujita Scale, it an estimated the severity of the winds.

    CNN Transcript May 11, 2008

  • The Fujita Scale became an imperfect guide for tornado measurements.

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  • He made discoveries—whether it was the “family” of tornadoes, the names and meanings of the storm clouds, multiple vortices, or the Fujita Scale—that made much of the meteorological establishment at first grumble at his observational methods, but later accept his theories as fact.

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  • His work had already provided meteorology with much of its language and many of its theories about tornadoes: the wall cloud, the tail cloud, the overshooting tops of clouds into the stratosphere, the mesocyclone, mesoscale studies, the cycling of tornadic supercells that formed one twister after another, and the Fujita Scale to measure the power of the twisters.

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  • The Super Outbreak map also helped secure the Fujita Scale as the tornado measurement.

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  • THE MAY 3 OKLAHOMA outbreak and the destruction caused to so many residential neighborhoods also provided the initiative for experts to revisit the Fujita Scale.

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  • The Fujita Scale stood for more than thirty years as an imperfect measurement of the tornado.

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