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  • proper n. A taxonomic kingdom within the domain Eukaryota — the mushrooms and funguses - over 100,000 species of organisms that are similar to plants but do not contain chlorophyll.


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Latin fungus ("mushroom")


  • But the cover design for Poisonous Fungi is in a class of its own.

    King Poison

  • The companion volume Edible Fungi is so mild by comparison, which is as it should be, a discreet repeat pattern of Boletus versipellis jumping up out of a frying pan.

    King Poison

  • Never take for granted the lowly little Mushroom, after all, he really is a "Fungi"!

    Warm blooms...

  • "Fungi" is a great idea for when I have a block of time.

    PVS and HPL

  • The name "Fungi" has been given to a vast assemblage of plants, varying much among themselves, but on the whole of about the same structural rank as the algæ.

    Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany For High Schools and Elementary College Courses

  • The school surgery was presided over in my day by a much-beloved old physician of the old school, named Fergus, which the boys had so long ago corrupted into "Fungi" that many a lad was caught mistakenly addressing the old gentleman as Dr. Fungi -- an error I always fancied to be rather appreciated.

    A Labrador Doctor The Autobiography of Wilfred Thomason Grenfell

  • [Nov 18, 2008] '); "> Mushroom Men' Fungi 'trailer HD

    GameVideos Latest 12 videos

  • Mr. Stamets's website,, and some other kit retailers sell "plugs" of mushroom spawn, which growers can inject into logs or even tree stumps, a process otherwise known as "inoculating."

    The Science Project You Can Eat

  • Despite the "16-ounce can of Busch beer" in his hand, he points her toward a fundamental shift in perception: Fungi, both literally and metaphorically, are below the radar, inhabiting spaces we don't customarily pry into.

    What's Magic About Mushrooms

  • Taylor Lockwood 'The Book of Fungi' Chicago, 655 pages, $55 by Peter Roberts and Shelley Evans is a full-color guide to 600 species from around the globe.

    What's Magic About Mushrooms


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