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  • O'Hara, Frank 1926-1966. American poet of the New York School. His collections include Meditations in an Emergency (1957) and Lunch Poems (1964).
  • O'Hara, John Henry 1905-1970. American writer who contributed short stories to The New Yorker and wrote novels such as Butterfield 8 (1935) and Ten North Frederick (1955).


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  • Preferably with Londo's hands around G'Kar's neck.

    Behold! The bookshelves + Picking Favourites

  • The item that got my attention was Londo Mollari nicking G'Kar's popcorn.

    Making Light: Open thread 137

  • What kind of pace would there have been during any of G'Kar's speeches?

    The Babylon Podcast » Shows

  • - In G'Kar's absense for ONE MONTH, the "Book of G'Kar" has been circulating, to the tune of five or six hundred THOUSAND copies, which have been outselling the Book of G'Quon.

    TiVo Community

  • - Once again, G'Kar's & Londo's words are echoing one another.

    TiVo Community

  • Sheridan finds a way to make a stand against the Shadows and the Vorlons at the same time, and convinces the League to stand together with him; and Londo's and G'Kar's plans come to fruition in an unexpected way.

    The Babylon Podcast » Shows

  • - G'Kar's trying desperately to rally the Narns, and meanwhile we see an ominous view of Vir

    TiVo Community

  • - Londo has proposed G'Kar's trial & execution to occur on Narn.

    TiVo Community

  • - Cartagia has ordered one of G'Kar's eyes to be plucked out because he doesn't like the way G'Kar looks at him.

    TiVo Community

  • - G'Kar's delayed message from Objects In Motion was for Ta'Lon.

    TiVo Community


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