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  • GID is a congenital intersex condition which leaves the individual with a psychological gender identity at odds with their physical sex and gender indicators.

    Sugar and spice and all things neurobiological

  • It was called the GID Project, and it met one night every two weeks at the gay-and-lesbian center on West Thirteenth Street.

    Freud’s Blind Spot

  • In particular, members Zucker and Lawrence (WPATH’s experts in GID prevalence and responsible for revising that section in the 7th Ed. of the SOC) were quite familiar with [Bakker93] and with its deconstruction by [Olyslager&Conway07].

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  • Personally as both a transwoman and therapist, I find the notion of GID to be pathologizing whereas Gender Latest

  • Although the DSM originates in the US, it is internationally recognised and the criteria it uses to categorise various medical conditions, such as GID (Gender Identity Disorder), are generally adhered to worldwide.

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  • Tax payers and the transgender community alike would be served notice: life threatening conditions such as GID are to be treated like every other chronic condition.

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  • (April 28, 2009) – The American Psychiatric Association (APA) Board of Trustees has established a task force on the treatment of Gender Identity Disorders (GID) to address concerns about the relative lack of evidence-based treatment guidelines and to determine if guidelines should be developed.

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  • At the risk of oversimplifying and making sweeping generalisations, TS/TG adults are as reliant on a diagnosis of GID as we are pathologised by it, because healthcare systems around the world require the diagnosis before we can access hormones, surgery, etc.

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  • GID Reform Now protest at annual APA meeting – speaker Madeline Deutch, MD « bird of paradox bird of paradox

    GID Reform Now protest at annual APA meeting – speaker Madeline Deutch, MD

  • These inquiries most often dealt with treatment controversies for GID in children, rather than issues related specifically to the DSM text and diagnostic criteria.

    Looking back, pushing forward


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