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  • n. Plural form of GMO.


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  • Stay tuned also for the 2012 ballot initiative in California to label GMOs.

    Michele Simon: 2012: The Year to Stop Playing Nice

  • Like Obama's campaign promises to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; like his promises to bring out-of-control banksters and oil companies under control; like his promises to drastically reduce greenhouse gas pollution and create millions of green jobs; Obama has not come through on his 2008 campaign promise to label GMOs.

    Ronnie Cummins: Monsanto Nation: Exposing Monsanto's Minions

  • In the food realm, Obama's prior promise to require labeling of GMOs (genetically modified organisms) in our food supply stands out as organizations like the and the, as well as the Just Label It campaign conclude an exceptionally impactful year raising awareness for the multiple reasons to label GMOs compared to the singular reason (the GMO manufacturing companies don't want to) to not.

    Ashley Koff: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, What Will Hit (in 2012) and What Will Fall

  • And remember, as I write in Organic Manifesto, the only safety testing on humans or animals for GMOs is happening right now, on you, on your kids, and on farm animals around the world.

    Maria Rodale: Top 10 Ways to Avoid GMOs

  • In addition to the serious health issues, the self-propagating genetic pollution from GMOs is not reversible with current technology, and may outlast global warming and nuclear waste.

    Maria Rodale: A Visit to My Kitchen: Jeffery Smith

  • Let's all become more aware of the products and foods that may contain GMOs and, as consumers, make the most informed decisions.

    Joshua Rosenthal: Genetically Modified Foods: 4 Reasons to Celebrate Non-GMO Month

  • Clay's open to the idea of GMOs as tools to grow more calories on less land.

    Marc Gunther: The anatomy of a latte

  • And -- and that's something that happens time and again, that these corporations, they, you know, really will do everything to stop us from having this kind of information, whether it's GMOs, which is genetically modified organisms, or whether it's rBST, which is a growth hormone that goes into our dairy cows.

    CNN Transcript Jun 15, 2009

  • These include environmental risks, such as GMOs becoming invasive and affecting non-target species including indigenous flora and fauna or the development of herbicide or pesticide resistance creating 'super-weeds' or 'super-pests', and long term effects on ecosystem functioning.


  • Other threats include the rise of anti-American sentiment in some Latin American countries, and non-tariff barriers to trade, such as GMOs, and phytosanitary and mycotoxin issues.

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