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  • n. A Republican.


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GOP +‎ -er


  • Just like that dope in yesterday's article, this GOPer is probably getting money from all over the country from rich GOPers who are angry about the possibility of the gov't finally holding them accountable for their hording of the nation's wealth at the expense of everyone else.

    McDonnell holds the edge in Virginia gov fundraising race

  • This GOPer is voting out any GOP candidate in my area!

    Florida Republicans demand refunds from Crist

  • The Second District held by freshman GOPer Dean Heller has been changed from "Republican Favored" to "Leans Republican," and the Third District held by third-term GOPer Jon Porter has been changed from "Leans Republican" to "No Clear Favorite."


  • Herrera, a 2nd-term GOPer from the southern part of Baird's 3rd District, was telling people she was in the race before the close of business.

    Hotline On Call

  • So once again the GOPer is lying by implication that that HCR somehow didn’t go through the committee process in public.

    Think Progress » Kyl Abandons His Cry For Televised Closed-Door Senate Negotiations Now That He’s In The Back Room

  • Pete Bogs says: after the Log Cabin Republicans refused to endorse Bush last year, I wrote them to remind them that under no circumstances would Bush back THEM on anything … a gay GOPer is essentially an Uncle Bruce; certainly “gay GOP” is an oxymoron, based on that party’s institutionalized intolerance … vote Democrat, guys, and we’ll sort the taxes thing out later!

    Think Progress » The Fissure Grows: Cultural Right Turns On Norquist

  • He is the latest big-name GOPer to jump in a race, putting yet another seat in play.

    Hotline OnCall

  • Apparently, a liberal calling a GOPer an "idiot" is a far graver offense than a GOPer killing a liberal.

    Crooks and Liars

  • Wake up and smell the ... you don't have to be a "GOPer" to see the picture on the wall!


  • ANY and EVERY 'GOPer' that feels this way needs to resign immediately.

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