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  • Díaz, (José de la Cruz) Porfirio 1830-1915. Mexican soldier and politician who became president after a coup in 1876 and governed the country until 1911 (except for the years 1880-1884). His increasingly dictatorial methods led to his overthrow and flight to Paris, where he died in exile.


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  • I would like to see the sharks, since there are hundreds of them, do something silly, like spell out the word GOTCHA!,,,, or something like that.

    nightnurse Diary Entry

  • ONE OF THESE DAYS, IN THE "GOTCHA" era of Steven Brill, when journalistic transgressions are suddenly big news, the media watchdogs are going to go too far.

    What Was He Thinking?

  • Well thats a "GOTCHA" moment write and ask im sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation like shes a mendacious git.

    Harman declares donation to non-existant department?

  • That triumphantly hateful "GOTCHA" lingered in his mind like a glowing canker.

    Damia's Children

  • And Gregory makes me actually miss "Timmeh, The 'GOTCHA'" Him "terviewer." 'cause it was all about him!

    Crooks and Liars

  • W did what he could (lowered interest rates), but ultimately an unregulated housing market influenced by the government encouraging banks to give mortgages to people that shouldn't have gotten them (with virtually no oversight and tons of greed) led to a boom in wealth that the middle class thought they were capitalizing on but in a massive "GOTCHA" moment it led to the turd-stew we're in now.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • There is NO way the msm will let any critcism of the current administration pass their lips without a "GOTCHA" comment on something Republican - the seamier the better, of course. - Exposing Liberal Media Bias

  • In an effort to combat the problem, the department has launched "GOTCHA", or Graffiti Offenders Tagging Contacts and High Activity.


  • If a bird manages to get killed in a modern wind turbine and killed Darwin is saying "GOTCHA '" just now, -0 / +1Environmentalists were the ones pushing for offshore wind.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz

  • If they had a Dick Morris type on site he would have demanded that Sarah be shown in a positive light and would have stopped the constant browbeating and "GOTCHA" hypotheticals.

    Latest Articles


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