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  • noun computing, trading Initialism of General Public License.


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  • No matter how you spin it, the GPL is a license just like any other software license.

    Libertarian Redistribution, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • GPL is so ubiquitous that businesses have to become comfortable with it.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • The GPL is actually freer (in restoring more people ` s liberty), whereas the BSD is least encumbered by licensing conditions (the licensee is free to suspend others ` liberty).

    ‘Rights are good …’

  • Maintaining the pace of MySQL development as a public domain available under GPL is now beyond the capacity of free software community.

    Our Full Analysis of the $7.4B Oracle-Sun Deal

  • The GPL is a license that restores liberty to the public (otherwise suspended by copyright and patent), albeit at the expense of friction (easily surmountable by coders used to it).

    ‘Rights are good …’

  • Did you planned to release in GPL your wiki-based translation tool? billmonk Says:

    Geeking with the Monk « Notes from the BillMonk

  • Some versions of Ghostscript are distributed freely under the name GPL Ghostscript or (for older versions) GNU Ghostscript; these versions are distributed with a license called the GNU General Public License (also known as the "GNU License", the "GPL", or "copyleft"), which allows gratis and commercial distribution under certain conditions, most particularly, source complete source disclosure.

    Drinking Liberally in New Milford

  • Because it works — a nuanced discussion of how Barrack Obama probably doesn’t even HAVE an opinion on open-source/how the GPL is actually in bed with copyright law/how the president doesn’t really have that much power after all since we have checks-and-balances — would probably bore a lot of people to tears.

    Does Obama hate open source?

  • I don’t know whether GPL is the answer but I do think that a CEO that doesn’t answer the calls of major shareholders, and especially somebody who has done so much for this communications revolution, ain’t worth having.

    Scripting News for 3/26/2007 « Scripting News Annex

  • Dave’s thought about releasing it all under the GPL is brave and bold, and doing so would probably lead to a huge resurgence in use.

    Scripting News for 3/26/2007 « Scripting News Annex


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