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  • General Packet Radio Service


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  • GPRS mobile data service, provides high speed connection and data transfer rate video pictures GPRS text

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  • I have both T-MObile GRPS and also have Verizon Wireless broadband (GPRS is fairly slow, but for text transfers like blogs, it gets the job done) and I both blog post from flights on many occassions.

    Is That Legal?: Michelle Malkin: Blogging While Flying?

  • GPRS is a new technology that allows faster, cheaper and always-on access to the Internet through telephony networks replacing the traditional WAP transport protocols.

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  • No one called GPRS 2. 5G before the services called 3G were introduced.


  • Built by WideRay, a San Francisco startup, the Jack servers have built-in GPRS radios, which afford them an always-on connection to Uganda’s near-ubiquitous cell-phone network.

    Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Uganda Wireless Health-Care Aid

  • Spain's Telefonica Moviles and Germany's Deutsche Telekom are just now rolling out new, faster networks called GPRS that use packet-switching technology.

    The Japan Connection

  • Without 3G, the iPhone falls back on an older, slower data connection type known as GPRS -- and if you think EDGE is bad in the States, GPRS is an order of magnitude worse, with speeds that are basically equivalent to wireless dialup.

    The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

  • "Ad-hoc peer-to-peer Wi-Fi," explained North, which he said is looking like a less costly than GPRS, which is also under investigation, and busses already operate a network called iBus which provides data for on-board 'next stop' displays and London's Countdown bus stop displays.

    ACM TechNews

  • Sinyal GPRS akan aktif di handphone dengan terlebih dahulu melakukan setting.

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  • Sinyal GPRS akan aktif di handphone dean terlebih dahulu melakukan setting.

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