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  • abbr. Gay-related immunodeficiency — former name of AIDS.


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  • Initially unnamed, the disease earns the term GRID gay-related immune deficiency in the press.

    World AIDS Day: timeline of a worldwide pandemic (Photos)

  • By Christmas 1981, the new disease was dubbed GRID, Gay-Related Immunodeficiency Disease.

    Laurie Garrett: AIDS at 30: The Real Story

  • It started in the 1980s when the disease was termed GRID Gay Related Immune Deficiency; President Reagan refused to even say the word AIDS for four years and the epidemic decimated entire communities in this country all the while.

    Kat Griffith: The Human Costs of HIV Stigma, And What You Can Do to Change the Story

  • There are great examples of this principle in action across the country, from Hunts Point in the Bronx, where Sustainable South Bronx teaches local youth the skills of environmental remediation, to Hunters Point in San Francisco, where a non-profit called GRID Alternatives trains local residents to do residential solar power installations in their neighborhoods.

    Clint Wilder: Green-Collar Dreams, Red-Ink Realities

  • I also understand that a lot has changed since the disease was once called GRID gay-related immunodeficiency disease: AIDS doesn't deplete social circles anymore thanks to antiretrovirals; the face of the disease has become more inclusive over the years; and Big Pharma markets living with HIV as painless and as easy as popping a pill every day.

    Kellee Terrell: Why Fear and HIV Prevention Shouldn't Mix

  • The fantastic news is that the House of Representatives bill, HR-5026, known as The GRID Act, was approved unanimously by the full House when it came to the floor on June 9, 2010.

    The Solar 'Katrina' Storm That Could Take Our Power Grid Out For Years

  • So something's got to give, and give it may, as just a few months ago the House of Representatives passed HR 5026, aka the GRID Act, which among other things allows FERC to bypass the NERC standards setting process and issue orders directly to utilities concerning security vulnerabilities not addressed by NERC's CIPS.

    Andy Bochman: An Irksome Tale: The Battle to Secure the Smart Grid

  • When The New York Native, a now-defunct gay newspaper, in its May 18, 1981, issue first reported on a virus found in gay men then known as GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency), an editorial noted that "even if the disease first became apparent in gay men, it is not just 'a gay disease. '"

    Irene Monroe: This Era of Black Women and HIV/AIDS

  • He ministered to those with HIV/AIDS when it was still called GRID; to the families of the victims of Flight 800, leading services attended by Jews, Muslims and Christians of all denominations; he walked around Northern Ireland pushing a paralyzed police officer Steven McDonald advocating peace.

    Joshua David Stein: Saint of 9/11: A Premature Hagiography

  • Students will use the vehicle and charging station to assist in researching for the Green Research for Incorporating Data in the Classroom, otherwise known as GRID-C.

    Technician RSS


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