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  • proper n. ГРУ (Glavnoje Razvedyvatel'noje) — the Main Intelligence Directorate — the Soviet and then the Russian Republic's military intelligence agency


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From the Russian ГРУ, through phonetic spelling of Glavnoje Razvedyvatel'noje and acronymizing.


  • Medvedev said Thursday that the agency, known under its Russian acronym GRU, must focus on preemptive action against terrorist groups, revealing weapons-trafficking routes and funding sources.

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  • "The investigation found that Zurab Kurtsikidze has ties with [the] main intelligence service [also known as GRU] of Russian defense ministry," said Giorgi Bukhrashvili , spokesman for the Georgian Interior Ministry, at the news conference.

    Georgia Police Charge Photojournalists

  • But the GRU is the military intelligence and it operates on a parallel level with the KGB at that time, which was the civilian spy agency, and then mostly after a lot of the same things.

    Cassidy's Run: The Street Spy War Over Nerve Gas

  • Mr. Polikarpov -- Commander Polikarpov -- was a-- was representing the GRU, which is not quite as well known as the KGB.

    Cassidy's Run: The Street Spy War Over Nerve Gas

  • The GRU was the world's second most powerful intelligence service in the world, after the KGB, or Committee for State Security, for whom Pavel Zarnitsa worked.

    Encounter Group

  • The GRU was the most reluctant to part with many of its officers, but now it's open season on officers who don't have a really good reason to stay in uniform, the Strategy page concludes.


  • The intelligence service known in Russia by its acronym GRU is the country's largest spy agency and has traditionally controlled thousands of special-forces troops.

    Military Space News, Nuclear Weapons, Missile Defense

  • Russia's military intelligence service, known as GRU, is the country's biggest spy agency with agents spread across the globe. RSS Feed - Politics & Policy

  • These elements include the Research Department (Cuc Nghien Cuu) (CNC), which collected military intelligence and was organized similar to the Soviet "GRU," the

    POWs and Politics - Part 1

  • Resigned to federal limits, utilities such as GRU are scrambling to implement greener, cleaner ways to produce electricity.

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