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  • Globally unique identifier.


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  • SELECT @FirstRec = (@Page - 1) * @RecsPerPage SELECT @LastRec = (@Page * @RecsPerPage + 1) -- If the GUID is null (first execution) - -- The global table is created, otherwise it will be queried only: IF @GUID IS NULL BEGIN Articles

  • Support isn’t perfect since Brent has to work around feeds that don’t use the GUID tag (A GUID is a globally unique ID that identifies the post even if things like the timestamp and title ar changed).

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  • He had recently been in the news as the discoverer of a controversal Microsoft feature called a GUID: essentially a digital fingerprint assigned to every computer, embedded in all the work a machine produces.

    Biting Back At The Wily Melissa

  • If you want to generate Unique Identifiers, without the need to check whether it is really unique, the GUID is the way to go.

    ASP.NET Forums

  • The GUID is a unique number used to identify each of the forms added the the docker.

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  • After our Interface has been added, we will need to add a specific GUID, which is a 128 bit number that gets added to the registry, and is used to identify a COM type.

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  • Get the filename GUID from the metadata to open the proper file

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  • However, to do this with Disk Utility, users should ensure the drive is given a "GUID" partition scheme and is formatted to "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".


  • Check "GUID" if you will be using this drive with an Intel Mac (looks like you will be), or "APM" for a PPC Mac.

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • For an Intel Mac, it must be "GUID," for a PPC Mac it must be "APM."

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