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  • proper noun A Cretaceous dinosaur believed capable of running very fast.


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  • In fact, the majority of feathered dinosaurs found so far belong to the group called coelurosaurs, which also counts the film's Tyrannosaurus and Gallimimus as members.

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  • Three months and a billion bytes later, ILM computers produced a 10-foot Gallimimus.

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  • Simulating the perspective of two cameras, they then replicated the Gallimimus 10 more times.

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  • I learned, after watching the film, that my two favorite dinosaur scenes — the fleeing herd of Gallimimus, and the final attack of Tyrannosaurus upon the last two Velociraptors — were entirely computer-generated.


  • The smaller species care for and help each other — down to such subtle details as experienced elders keeping young Gallimimus in the safer center of the fleeing herd.


  • With an estimated body mass of almost 1400 lbs. (626 kg), Beishanlong is one of the largest ornithomimosaurs yet described, rivaling the Late Cretaceous ornithomimosaur Gallimimus in size.

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