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  • Gamesmanship is important for success in match play. - U.S. vows to mind manners this time

  • The Toronto Sun Knows How To Have Fun - Impeach Miller Petition Hits 1401 signatures Wind Concerns Ontario Wants to Know if Liberal MPPs Respond to Your Concerns George Smitherman Accuses Guildwood Residents of "Gamesmanship" - Paul Ainslie 'Amused' By Attacks

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  • Of the lecture itself, I remember only that afterward a graduate student rose to ask, in the best wooden academic fashion, how it came about that he, Potter, a recognized Coleridge scholar, a man who had proved his seriousness, as it were and if you will, had veered off to write such ostensibly frivolous books as "Gamesmanship," etc.

    The Success of Failure

  • If a masterpiece is both sui generis and gives abiding pleasure, then Stephen Potter's odd books "Gamesmanship" (1947), "Lifemanship" (1950), "One-upmanship" (1952), and "Supermanship" (1958) surely qualify.

    The Success of Failure

  • "Gamesmanship" is devoted to "the art of winning games without actually cheating."

    The Success of Failure

  • Louisiana Rumble Over Census As Landrieu Accuses Vitter Of 'Gamesmanship' | TPMDC

    Louisiana Rumble Over Census As Landrieu Accuses Vitter Of 'Gamesmanship'

  • Louisiana Rumble Over Census As Landrieu Accuses Vitter Of 'Gamesmanship'

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  • "When 'Gamesmanship' made its first appearance, golf was the setting chosen for many of the first crude experiments," Mr. Potter writes wryly in the opening chapter of "Golfmanship," "and it was found that of all games golf was the most susceptible to gamesmanship for two reasons.

    The Art of Gamesmanship

  • Gamesmanship aside, it's important to look at the actual implications of such a move.

    Could GOP grab control of redistricting in Virginia?

  • “I practice Gamesmanship—the art of winning games without actually cheating.”



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