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  • proper n. A taxonomic genus within the tribe Gardenieae — the gardenias.


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Named by botanist Job Bicknell Ellis (1829-1905) after Scottish physician and botanist, living in South Carolina, Alexander Garden (1730-1791).


  • Going a step further in size, the Gardenia is a popular choice.

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  • While free on $200,000 bail, secured by his parents 'home in Gardenia, Calif., - Hakim's big fan has unusual seat

  • Flowers can also be sourced locally from florists such as Gardenia Organic that are dedicated to using in season, pesticide-free and fair trade flowers.

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  • (Soundbite of song "Gardenia") Mr. MALKMUS: (Singing) So you've got your curb appeal.

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  • It attacks a variety of plants, but more particularly the tribe of jessamine; thus the common jessamine, the "Gardenia" (Cape jessamine) and the coffee (Jasminum Arabicum) are more especially subject to its ravages.

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  • 'Gardenia' (one of the set's highlights, with the energetic "hey" s perking things up no end), and the freebie t-shirts thrown to the crowd.

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  • Powering through the Californian desert in a cheapo rental car - 'Gardenia' on't stereo - travelling at as close to John Garcia's prescribed 666mph as these highway laws will allow (about 65, then), DiS wonders exactly how these Coachella cats can possibly surpass the mania of last year's top-flight affair.

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  • 'The first of our projects in the' Gardenia 'series remains one of the most-awaited developments in Jumeirah Village, and we would like to reiterate that we are consistently up to the challenge of satisfying the ever-discerning tastes of our target market. Latest News

  • Those opening chords of 'Gardenia' and 'Whitewater' are the very teeth of the wind, the endless expanse of the valley floor, 'Space Cadet' the empty sound of pre-dawn.

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  • ( "Gardenia" votive by 5B & Co. Candlemakers, $2.75, 816-361-6393.) Top Stories


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