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  • adj. Of or pertaining to Gerald Gardner (1884-1964), English anthropologist and occultist who brought Wicca to public attention.


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Gardner +‎ -ian


  • Your lamentations aren't ritually correct! shouted Conan the Gardnerian.

    Making Light: Scholarly works to avoid citing at all costs

  • Adler, a priestess of the Gardnerian Wiccan tradition, wrote “Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers, and Other Pagans in America Today.”

    Pagan movement continues to expand, says author

  • Pagan, I find much of what he describes as a Pagan worldview to more accurately reflect the stance of his conservative Gardnerian Wicca, which he correctly sees as very close to the traditional teachings of the prominent religions which have been dominant in most pre-Enlightenment societies.

    Death by Homeland Security #3: The Disappeared

  • Maybe the podcast will get some more, Gardnerian responses.

    Information, Culture, Policy, Education: Web 2.0 network ecology stories

  • The rituals used in the GD, particularly the various Pentagram rituals and hermetic principles had an influence on Gerald Gardner (in fact he claimed at least the 4 = 7 grade in his book High Magick's Aid, and was given a charter by the O. T.O.(see below)), and consequently they were incorporated in Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and O.yssean branches of Wicca.

    catpewk Diary Entry

  • Gardnerian Circle casting and therefore Alexandrian, also—remember, Sanders essentially made off with the Gardnerian goods and tweaked a few things is serious business.

    Where To Park Your Broomstick

  • Gardnerian rituals are often performed in the nude.

    Where To Park Your Broomstick

  • Alex Sanders, who lived from 1926 to 1988, was another British Witch, initiated into a Gardnerian coven along with his wife, Maxine.

    Where To Park Your Broomstick

  • He still used the Gardnerian methods, but he adapted them for Solitary use.

    Where To Park Your Broomstick

  • It includes a whole host of tools, very strict adherence to Gardnerian liturgy, precise motions, and an instruction manual: the Gardnerian Book of Shadows, hand copied and passed down from Priestess to Initiate.

    Where To Park Your Broomstick


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